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About us

HALYard Survey BV is a young and dynamic surveying company, founded by its four participants, with its main office in Sliedrecht, in the heart of the Dutch dredging history and near to the port of Rotterdam.

A secondary office is located in the north of the Netherlands, near the German border, in the little village of Drogteropslagen, servicing the shipping industry in the North of Europe.

Though the company is young the surveyors, Henk Scholte and Arnold Warmerdam all have many years of experience in marine surveying, shipbuilding and engineering. Jessica Blijenberg has over 15 years of experience as office manager in an international operating surveying company.

With their complementary knowledge in international shipping, shipbuilding, risk management, engineering and inland shipping the surveyors of HALYard Survey BV can offer maritime underwriters, brokers as well as the shipping and shipbuilding industry a wide range of services.

The name Halyard is an English maritime expression meaning a tackle for hoisting a flag. The first four letters refer to the first letter of the names from the four partners.

We distinguish ourselves by:

We have also founded HALYard Risk BV, this company provides services in the fields of:

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