Halyard Survey BV



Our company provides services in the fields of:

Marine and non-marine

Marine surveys
  • Deep-sea vessels
  • Coastal vessels
  • Inland vessels and barges
  • Dredging vessels
  • Yachts
  • Construction risk

Non Marine surveys
  • Offshore installations
  • Salvage equipment
  • Stevedoring equipment
  • Cranes
  • Excavators
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Heavy transport equipment

Conditions surveys and valuations of maritime installations and vessels

  • Condition surveys
  • Appraisal surveys
  • Pre-purchase surveys

Sales guidance of maritime objects

  • Valations of seagoing and inland vessels and barges.
  • Valuations of pleasure crafts

Super-intendency / supervision

  • Newbuilding and Repair Supervision
  • Newbuilding Specifications and Plan Approval

Inspections of inland as well as seagoing vessels

  • Pre-purchase surveys
  • Surveys for inland water certification (Dutch shipping inspectorate)

On and off hire surveys of maritime objects

  • Pre-entry Surveys
  • On/off Hire Surveys
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